Why chiropractic?

  • It's non-invasive. No needles, no knives, no drugs.
  • Chiropractors are specialists. They have much more training and experience than most general practitioners and physical therapists.
  • Immediate access to treatment of your condition. You do not have to wait for weeks for testing, test results, referral to another specialist, followed by referral for treatment.
  • Management of chronic pain syndromes without medication

Why Obert Chiropractic Center?

  • Quality care.
  • Physical therapies, muscle therapy, and X-ray on site.
  • Well-trained, long term staff.
  • Reasonable / effective treatment.
  • Gentle treatment techniques. Variety of treatment techniques.
  • Clear financial policies. All patients receive a written treatment plan with an estimate of their insurance benefits and co-payments.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

The vertebrae in your spine house the nerves that control the function of the voluntary muscles of your body.  They also provide the pathway back to the brain for sensations such as touch, temperature, pressure, and position sense.  If a vertebrae becomes stuck in (or out) of place, due to injury or repetitive use, the nerves at that segment or level, can become irritated, overstimulated, or less functional. This often results in a combination of pain, numbness and tingling, and/or weakness to the arms, legs, or other areas. Chiropractors refer to the dysfunction of a “locked up” spinal segment as a “subluxation”.  The Chiropractic adjustment restores the normal movement of the spinal segment and removes the irritation to the nerves at that level.

Dr. Obert specializes in the detection and correction of subluxations.  The adjustments, which restore the normal position and movement of the vertebrae, are performed in a variety of ways.  Dr. Obert uses a combination of manual traction tables (Flexion Distraction), adjusting instruments (Activator), and traditional “hands on” manipulation (Diversified Adjusting), to mobilize the spine. 

What is a “slipped disc?”

Discs are the cartilage-like cushions between your vertebrae.  They serve as shock absorbers and allow your back to turn and bend normally.  Because each disc is attached to the vertebrae above and below, there is no way for them to actually “slip” out of place.  But trauma or injury to the spine can cause discs to tear, bulge, herniate or even rupture.  These conditions are often extremely painful due to the additional pressure on the surrounding nerve tissues.

Each case is different so results cannot be guaranteed, however many patients have found relief in chiropractic care and are happy to avoid surgery or dependency on pain medication.